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all items from our offer can be purchased and picked up in our retail store INTENSA d.o.o, Antuna Štrbana 12,10000 Zagreb - Jarun (9-17h). In the area of ​​the city of Zagreb, we can deliver to you extremely quickly and conveniently. For all other cities throughout Croatia and beyond, we deliver with the agreed courier, of course in agreement with you.


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New big bags

Various types of new jumbo bags, more sizes and capacities, with large openings, straps and vents. Some of the bags are Green Food certified.

Used big bags

Load capacities are 1000 kg, different dimensions, and the price is determined by the quantity of ordered bags.

Other products

In our range we also have Raschel mesh bags, NEW jute bags and PP bags (with trim) for sand, cereals, rubble, rabbit dikes ....

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Intensa d.o.o. was founded in 2003 in Zagreb.
The founder and director is Goran Grbešić. From the beginning, we have focused on the sale of new and used jumbo bags, PP (polypopylene) bags, jute bags and rachel mesh bags. The quality of the products we offer are responsible for the stable and secure growth of our company.
Intensa d.o.o.

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želi vam tvrtka Intensa d.o.o.

Sales and purchase of new and used jumbo bags - Big Bag (bags used once), PP bags for rubble and sand, Raschel-mesh bags with string for greens, potatoes ( The bags have a load capacity of up to 1500 kg with 4 corner straps - loops and valves for filling and emptying. If necessary, the upper part can be cut off for easier loading of goods.
Big Bag